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Trax & Trails, Cornwall & Devon 4x4 Driving Days, Training Courses and 4x4 Lessons

Trax & Trails, Cornwall & Devon 4x4 Driving Days, Training Courses and 4x4 Lessons

Popular Off-Road Vehicle Brands

The advantage of driving four wheel drives is that they are conditioned to withstand harsh weather conditions and various elements such as slippery pavements, bumps and ridges; they are also less prone to damage. Unlike the fragile sedan, these automobiles are geared for combating rough elements. They are mostly used by workers whose stations are in the countryside, where the pathways aren't covered with asphalt or concrete. But in order to properly pick out one of these transports, there a few things to look for. First, the tires should be thick enough that it won't easily get busted. Next, the engine should last through long rides and difficult traffic scenarios. Lastly, the mechanisms (wheel, brakes, clutch, etc.), should be easy to control. Most drivers usually pick either one of the following brands because their models have attained almost, if not, all of the aforementioned requirements.

Ford Explorer

Although the series of units from this label are costly, they are still the top most selling vehicles because they are not only for heavy-duty utility, but also they provide comfort to the operators while on the road.


Both the compact RAV4 and the slightly larger Highlander are equipped with body frames that are fit to withstand bumps and scrapes from other vehicles. The manufacturer specifically designed their mechanisms to obtain little or no damage.

General Motors

This maker is the pioneer when it comes to "professional grade" SUV's for heavy-duty users. GM vehicles such as the Yukon incorporate V8 engines (geared with eight cylinders) for increased battery life and enhanced mobility.


Models of this brand are mostly at par with GM or Ford Explorer in terms of functionality and resistance to corrosions. They are also constructed to carry more than their overall weight, which make them ideal for cargo holding.


Do not be easily fooled by the traditional and fragile looking exterior from this line. Its units are crafted to withstand rugged and extreme routes. What is more, they are light, which means that they are a lot easier to manoeuvre.

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So, there are your 4x4s. Whatever you choose, the important thing to remember is to always test the wheels before purchasing the actual unit.

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