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Shooting Down Fake Pigeons for Fun

Anybody who wishes to be a skilled marksman need not be a cold-blooded killer to achieve this status. In fact, they need not obliterate anything at all - thanks to a game we call clay pigeon shooting.

Now, before you engage in this sport, you need to make sure that you have patience, a good hand-eye coordination, and the right breathing technique, so you can have a real shot at becoming better. If you are confident that you have these prerequisites, read on and learn about the basics of the game.

Safety Equipment

Although considered as a pastime that is relatively safe, clay shooting requires you to have an ear plug handy to keep your hearing organ from getting hurt from the loud shotgun blasts. Besides this, you may also invest in protective glasses for obvious reasons; plus a shooting jacket, which limits the kick you experience from every shot.


Many sporting clay enthusiasts prefer a shotgun that allows rapid firing, so they can take several shots without having to reload (which wastes time). Advanced players, on the other hand, go for pistols because it poses more of a challenge than the former.

Shooting Clays

Although the activity's name mentions the word "pigeon", what you are shooting at is a bright orange or yellow 3-inch clay disc. Because they are made from such a fragile material, they will normally shatter once they come in contact with the shotgun shell, or upon hitting the ground or tree (if you missed your shot). And as we have said earlier, those flying objects you will shoot are not living creatures of some sort; thus, feel free to pull the trigger.


Clays pigeons do not fly on their own, and normally will require a spring-loaded trap for them to be set off. However, for this to happen, somebody has to operate the aforementioned equipment.

Now, once the device is loaded, the designated operator will signal the shooter that the pigeon is ready to take off. And when you yell "pull", they will launch those poor round things to their last flight.

Shooting Stance

As a start, novice shooters will have to hold the gun in a shooting position even before the clay takes flight. This is done by holding the weapon up to your eye level and letting its butt rest at your shoulder. And while you have the freedom to choose how you aim and shoot with your firearm, you will normally be advised to pull the trigger before the clays begin to descend.

Now, if you are ready to try this highly addictive sport, do check out Trax & Trails where you can have a first-hand experience of this fun leisure activity.

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